European Freight Leaders Forum

European Freight Leaders Forum – site requirements: “A clean, intuitive and immersive site that highlights the relevance and outreach of F&L as well as it would encourage and enable our members to collaborate on projects and exchange information.”

We developed a WordPress website for the European Freight Leaders Forum enabling membership and online conference registration and payment using WooCommerce Memberships & Subscriptions module. The site presents general organistional information to the general public whilst also serving exclusive membership content and communication behind an online paywall.

Andy has been fantastically responsive and helpful, taking us from an initial website build based on what we thought were our requirements, to a website which is genuinely an asset to our Forum. He is very patient, excellent at explaining things and often knows what we are trying to say. For example, we have gone from a fairly static site to a site which is changing frequently and which is now ‘more connected up, down and across’ – more the way that people in our network think. That may make little sense, but today we can communicate with our network using the website and business social media (like linkedin) in a seamless and engaging way. Before that was not possible. Working with Andy is a partnership, and we need that based on how quickly technology – and expectations of our customers – are changing. Audrey Macnab, F&L Secretariat

ServicesWebsite design, web development, project management, eCommerce, WordPress, ongoing

Website design for European Freight Leaders Forum | Edinburgh